VT Delfin - Inspection system for nuclear application

Radiation-resistant, extremely manoeuvrable inspection system for visual inspection of reactor pressure vessels (RPV) and RPV internals. The VT Delfin submarine is equipped with an integrated gripper for the recovery of foreign parts and can be additionally expanded with ultrasonic sensors or an underwater vacuum cleaner

Do you need the right equipment to examine dark or hard-to-reach places in nuclear or industrial environments? Our waterproof powerful submarine offers the optimal solution: Thanks to a resistant housing and robust electronics, this illumination is suitable for long-term operation and can be used in the smallest of spaces.
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    • High manoeuvrability with movements in 3 dimensions
    • Integrated Full HD PTZ inspection camera
    • Integrated extendable and tiltable gripper with 360° rotating head
    • Integrated line laser for measurements of cracks etc.
    • Rear view camera with lighting

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